Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A "new" 1952 Bowman card

This was an exciting NFL draft for me. Besides waiting anxiously to see with which team home-town boy Austen Lane would land, and which team would take Tim Tebow and when, I was watching the selections to see where Dexter McCluster was going in the NFL.

I had the pleasure of watching McCluster in person at Ole Miss against Nat'l Champ Florida in 2007. He is a playmaker, though he is decidedly undersize for the NFL. I was hoping that the Green Bay Packers would realize that McCluster could fill a number of their needs, principally as a "change-up" running back and as a punt returner. I don't really follow any other NFL teams, although I have some leftover affection for the N.Y. Jets from my days as a Namath fan, and I'll always watch the Giants with their Ole Miss alumn quarterback. Now I have a reason to tune in the Chiefs when they're on TV.

I decided to go with a 1952 Bowman style card, instead of my usual 1955-Topps All-American, because I found such a great artwork picture of McCluster on the cover of a video game.

Unfortunately, the huge EA Sports logo on the game box covered too much of the player's right side just below the football, so I wasn't able to opt for a vertical format, or plkace the name banner/logo desigjn elements below the picture, as is more commonly seen on '52 Bowmans. Still, I like the final result.

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