Thursday, May 10, 2012

Whose Maz autograph did Topps use?

I'm working on a custom card of Bill Mazeroski that requires the use of a facsimile signature (I'll bet you can guess what it is). 

Since 1959 was the first Topps card on which Maz's facsimile autograph appeared, I looked into picking it up from that card. 

I was surprised to find that the signature on that card (the same signature was used on his 1971 Topps) was very unlike any of the other Maz autographs I had found around the internet.

For example, compare the Topps version with the signature that appeared on the 1957 Kahn's Weiners Maz card . . . 

Here;s another Kahn's Maz card, from 1964 . . . 

Also shown here is his autographed added to a Perez-Steele Hall of Fame postcard, probably in the 1990s.
So, I have to ask: Did Topps use a "real" Bill Mazeroski signature on its 1959 and 1971 cards?

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