Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pretty Pictures: Decidedly not politically correct

The umbrella identifier for this on-going presentation is "Pretty Pictures." That was the title of a 1930s book of cartoons by Otto Soglow that I read and reread as a child. These photos represent the gleanings of 30+ years of throwing pictures into files during my days as a sports collector, writer, editor and publisher. 

I don't imagine any ballplayer today would allow himself to be posed for a photo such as this, but times were different in the 1960s when this photo of Braves' outfielder Billy Bruton ran in conjunction with his traded to the Tigers.

Hell, I believe that if such a photo was published today, the PC-police would demand that major league baseball fine, suspend and/or execute the player. At the very least he could expect PETA to demand an inquisition from the Child Services Division. 

The photo was datelined Dec. 7, 1960, in Milwaukee. The caption reads:

TRADED TO DETROIT--Milwaukee centerfielder Billy Bruton returned from rabbit hunting today and learned he had been traded by the Braves to the Detroit Tigers. Bruton, who failed to bag a rabbit, posed with his son, Billy Jr., 4, looking at dad's shotgun in their Milwaukee home. Bruton, Chuck Cottier, Terry Fox and Dick Brown were traded to the Tigers in exchange for second baseman Frank Boling and an unnamed player.

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