Thursday, February 14, 2013

Second Staubach college custom created -- ERROR PHOTO CORRECTED

UPDATE: Feb. 14, 2013 
This is a first for me . . . at least as far as I know.

I have been reliably informed by a fellow custom card guy, Steve at, that the photo on my 1955-style Staubach card is not Roger Staubach but is actually Craig Morton.

When I created my custom, as explained below, I had used a transparency identified as Staubach by Henry Yee, a respected expert and purveyor of sports and other historic photos. 

I have now created a "corrected" version of my Staubach custom. 

Original blog entry of Dec. 29, 2012
In the past 8-9 years I've created more than 145 college football custom cards in the style of one of my childhood favorites, the 1955 Topps All-American set.

You might be wondering why I'm just now getting around the making a Roger Staubach card.

I'd have made one long ago except for the fact that I chose Staubach for my first non-1955AA football custom. The first time I saw the Oct. 18, 1963, Time magazine cover with an artwork portrait of the Navy quarterback, I knew it would be a great basis for a 1952 Bowman-style custom card. I used the 1952 Bowman George Halas card for the background of my custom.

With a Staubach card under my belt, I never felt a pressing need to create another one in the 1955 design. That is, until I saw a really nice portrait photo of Staubach in the recent Henry Yee auction series on eBay. The image was on a 4" x 5" Kodachrome transparency. While I wasn't the successful bidder (it sold for a very reasonable $26.88), I was able to lift the image from the auction listing.

After doing some color correcting, I was able to drop it into my 1955 All-American template. Because of the narrow orientation of the picture, I had to use a vertical format for my custom.

I always liked the Navy logo that Topps used on two of its original All-Americans, so that was also a factor in my decision to create a new Staubach card.

Because I had done such a great job writing the back for my 1952 Bowman custom, it was only a matter of judicious editing to produce the back copy for my '55.

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