Sunday, September 28, 2014

More T.V. Westerns customs: Clint Eastwood and Rawhide

Continuing with my recent efforts at creating custom cards in the motifs of some of favorite non-sports bubblegum card sets of the 1950s and 1960s, I've recently completed two more T.V. Westerns cards. (On Aug. 13 I presented my trio of Maverick T.V. Westerns customs.)

My latest customs derive from the long-running CBS series Rawhide, which aired 216 episodes from 1959-65 and made a star of Clint Eastwood.

Until very recently, reruns of Rawhide were being broadcast on Saturday mornings on one or another of the cable networks. They've held up well over 50 years and I enjoyed the reruns as much as I'm sure I did the original showings. If the reruns aren't currently airing, dvd boxed sets of complete seasons are widely available for $20 or so.

You can find out all you ever wanted to know about Rawhide at various sites all over the internet, so I won't go into that here.

I'll just step back and show you what I've come up with.

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