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1961 Baltimore News-Post scrapbook cards

1961 Baltimore News-Post Scrapbook cards

Unlike the premiere year for the Orioles' scrapbook cards, the newspaper cards were not numbered in 1961. Checklist number have been assigned alphabetically.It is not out of the realm of possibility that because the scrapbook cards were not numbered an heretofore unreported straggler may show up some day,

The format for the 1961 pictures was a nominal 5" x 8". Besides the picture and facsimile autograph, the card had personal data including name, position, birth date and place, and a space for an autograph.

A couple of paragraphs provided career data and prospects for the coming season.

The set included not only veteran players, but top minor league prospects, coaches and the manager. A number of players found in this set do not appear on any other baseball cards.

(1) Jerry Adair
(2) Jimmy Adair 
(3) Steve Barber 
(4) Ray Barker
(5) Jackie Brandt
(6) Harry Brecheen 
(7) Marv Breeding 
(8) Hal Brown 
(9) Jim Busby
(10) Steve Dalkowski
(11) Walt Dropo 
(12) Chuck Essegian
(13) Chuck Estrada
(14) Jack Fisher 
(15) Hank Foiled
(16) Jim Gentile
(17) Ron Hansen
(18) Lum Harris 
(19) Whitey Herzog
(20) Billy Hoeft 
(21) Dick Hyde
(22) Gordon Jones 
(23) Jim Liggett
(24) Dave Massarelli 
(25) John Miller
(26) Dave Nicholson
(27) Milt Pappas 
(28) Dave Philley
(29) Boog Powell 
(30) Paul Richards 
(31) Brooks Robinson
(32) Earl Robinson
(33) Bob Saverine
(34) Barry Shetrone
(35) Russ Snyder
(36) Chuck Staniland 
(37) Gene Stephens
(38) Wes Stock
(39) Arne Thorsland 
(40) Gus Triandos 
(41) Jerry Walker 
(42) Pete Ward
(43) Ed Weidner
(44) Hoyt Wilhelm
(45) Frank Zupo

Check back tomorrow for information and checklist of the 1962-1963 Baltimore News-Post scrapbook cards.

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