Friday, May 8, 2015

Jameis Winston, Melvin Gordon drafted into my All-American custom set

The NFL draft is annually one of the highlights of my college football season. 

By this time of year, it's been too long since the last college bowl game. And, while I've greatly enjoyed the coverage of many schools' spring intersquad games, I was ready to see which players on the college teams I follow went where, when, and how the Packers and Steelers helped themselves.

The annual draft has become way too much of a television spectacle, but by recording the proceedings, I can fast-forward to the players and picks that I really care about.

After last season's bowl games, I decided that two of the nascent pros were definitely going to be added to my on-going 1955-style All-Americans custom card set. I did most of the prep work for new cards of Jameis Winston and Melvin Gordon. I only had to wait for draft night to get the information I needed to complete the cards' backs.

With that information finally available, I finished the cards and present them herewith.

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