Saturday, December 19, 2015

1956 "rookie" card for Colavito

As I've mentioned, creating 1956 Topps-style custom cards is a mixed blessing. 

The set was one of my childhood favorites, but the nuts and bolts of creating the cards make it one of the most difficult formats in which to work.

I had the good fortune while making a 1956 Rocky Colavito card to be able to repurpose the trio of cartoons that I had already used on my 1956 Bob Hazle, so the work went much easier.

Topps could have chosen to include Colavito in its 1956 set, as he ad made his big-league debut with a bang in late 1955. This custom should help make up for that lapse.

I'd already done a pair of Rocky Colavito customs. I used an original Topps flexichrome to make a 1960 Topps-style multi-player feature card with Harmon Killebrew and I did a 1978-style coach's card.

Colavito has always enjoyed a collector following that rivals many Hall of Famers.

There is a good baseball biography of Colavito on the SABR baseball biography site, written by Joseph Wancho: Rocky Colavito bio .

This does not exhaust the possibilities for future Colavito customs. I've got photos to work with for a 1982 or 1983 Kansas City Royals coach's card, and a good picture of Colavito in his last playing gig with the New York Yankees in 1968. 

So Rocky's fans can look forward to seeing those in the future.

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