Thursday, September 22, 2016

1958-style John DeMerit created

There's really no reason Topps couldn't have made a 1958 card of Milwaukee Braves bonus baby John DeMerit.

There were '58T cards for Bob Hazle and Hawk Taylor. Taylor, another bonus player, made his debut on June 9; Hazle's first game with the Braves was July 29. DeMerit debuted June 18.

A recently discovered photo of DeMerit allowed me to fill in that '58 gap.

Back on Mach 27, I detailed the story behind my first John DeMerit custom, in the 1960 Topps style. I'll link it here: John DeMerit.

Regular readers may have noticed a decline in the number of entries to this blog and on my custom-card creation. That's likely to continue for a couple of months.

The death of my friend and mentor Chet Krause in late June means I'm going to lose my office in downtown Iola when the building is sold by the Foundation that was his beneficiary. Eventually I'll set up a home office, but that won't take place until after my annual removal to Pennsylvania for the winter.

In the interim, I've been working hard at helping dispose of the last of Chet's numismatic holdings, so I haven't made time for a lot of custom-card work.

You can order this card. Unless otherwise noted, all of my custom cards are available to collectors for $12.50 each, postpaid for one or two cards; $9.95 each for three or more (mix/match). Complete checklists of all my custom baseball, football and non-sports custom cards were published on this blog in late May (football), July 6 (non-sports) and Sept. 19 (baseball). To order, email me at for directions on paying via check/money order, or to my PayPal account.

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  1. Nice card Bob. Looks like I placed my order to '58s a week early. LOL Your '60 card of him slipped past me. I may have to add that to my '60 binder 'phantom' page as well.


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