Sunday, September 6, 2009

1954 Topps variation? Probably not, but . . .

There is no I in . . .
I was pishing around with some 1954 Topps cards the other day, working on a future custom card project, when I noticed an error on the back of card #235, Vernon Law.
Where it was intended that the Year stats line was to read, "IN MILITARY SERVICE," the "I" in "IN" had been left off.
I'm going to assume this was am error that was never corrected, or we'd likely have heard about the variation prior to now . . . but you never know.
Actually, Topps DID correct the error -- 40 years later when they issued the 1954 Topps Archives reprint set.
Though it's unlikely, it would certainly be worth your while to check the back of any original 1954 Topps Vern Law cards you might have. If you turn up a correct version, let us know.

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