Sunday, June 10, 2012

I always liked Emlen Tunnell: Part 2

The more I read contemporary accounts of Emlen Tunnell's Hall of Fame career, the more I admire him.

As I said yesterday, that admiration caused me to add a couple of Tunnell-as-Packer cards to my opus of custom cards.

The latest is in the style of 1961 Fleer. Such a card would have likely been the end of the line as far as Tunnell's football cards went, as he retired after that season.

I guess we'll never know why Fleer's art department chose to present the Packers logo in mirror image, creating a backwards Wisconsin state map and left-handed quarterback. While it would have been easy enough to correct that error, I chose not to.

I did, however, elect to pick up the stadium photo background that was on all except one of the eight Green Bay cards in the original set.

Here is an article I found in the Nov. 7, 1951, issue of The Sporting News; it help explain why I was such a fan of Emlen Tunnell.

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