Monday, January 14, 2013

Football cards for Corso and Herbstreit

Like many of you I enjoy watching the ESPN College GameDay show on Saturday mornings. The easy byplay of hosts Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso sometimes make you forget that these guys are dispensing a good deal of solid information and analysis.

 Years ago when I made my 1955 Topps All-American style card of Burt Reynolds he suggested to me that I should make a similar card for Lee Corso. At that time I wasn't aware that Corso had also played football at Florida State and had been a roommate of Reynolds.

A Corso card kind of got pushed to the back burner as I didn't think a decent photo would be available. Recently, though, I decided to see what I could find and I came away with a perfectly suitable FSU publicity picture.

As well-known as Corso is, finding enough information to write up the card back was easy. Here's one website I found particularly useful: .

Similarly, there was plenty of information on the net about Kirk Herbstreit, and good color photos were plentiful. 

Besides Herbsreit's GameDay work, I especially enjoy the NBC Saturday night games when he is doing play by play. Brent Musberger . . . not so much.

I've been on quite a roll this winter building up my "Third Series" of All-American cards. I've got several more in the works that I'll be sharing here as they are completed.

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