Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year brings blog changes

Two years after retiring from my "day job" I've found that retirement is much different than I had envisioned.

Surprisingly I find myself with little more down time than I had when I was working for wages.

I'd planned to do much more reading and working on my custom cards than I'm able to do.

After looking at how I spend my days, I've decided that it is time to scale back on my blog.

For the past couple of years I have maintained a schedule of posting a new blog entry about every other day.

Effective immediately, I'm going to halve that workload. In cutting my output in half, I hope to not only create time to work on my custom cards, but also to improve the quality of each blog post. I've discovered that little of what I have to say is unique or especially insightful. Much of it is readily available on other sites on the internet.

As I find time for more custom cards, naturally the percentage of my blog posts that introduce each new card will rise.

Another change I'm instituting is the elimination of reader comments. The flood of spam that results from allowing comments has overwhelmed me. I get 50+ spam comments for each legitimate reader comment. Time spent sorting through the spam can be better used elsewhere.

If you want to comment on anything you read here, look into my profile for my email address and feel free to contact me that way.

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