Sunday, March 17, 2013

'68 Jets custom cards trilogy, Part 2

Last time I showed you the first of my recent trilogy of custom cards for members of the World Champion N.Y. Jets; that was a 1972-style Matt Snell. In the entry, I explained my interest in the players of that team.

This time I present my Emerson Boozer "rookie card."

Boozer was a Jets rookie in 1966, but Topps didn't issue a football card until 1970, then every year through the end of Boozer's career in 1975. He didn't even get a card in 1968, the year after he led the NFL in touchdowns despite playing in only eight games.

That's why I decided to create my Boozer custom in the 1968 Topps format. Recreating the '68 in this format was a first for me, though I have previously done Brian Piccolo and Jerry Kramer cards in the horizontal '68 style that Topps used for Packers and Raiders cards.

I did not find a great selection of Boozer photos to use for my card, but I think the picture I chose worked out fine. 

Prior to conducting my research for the player bio on back, I had not known that Boozer appeared in the 1976 Blaxploitation private dick flick Velvet Smooth

Next time I'll show off my 1969-style Johnny Sample Jets card.

With this series of Jets custom cards, I've very nearly finished my "football season" of custom card making. I've done quite a few this fall and winter. 

I believe I have one more that I'll be making before I switch over to baseball card creation for a while. Watch this space for that card.