Friday, March 15, 2013

Three '49 Dodgers also shared bithday

In my blog entry on Feb. 11, I mentioned the statistical anomaly of three players on the 1950 Philadelphia Phillies sharing the same birthday.

Perhaps that really isn't so rare, as I recently found out that three members of the Brooklyn Dodgers in that era also shared a birthday.

I wrote this is my original blog . . . 

While the math is way over my head, I learned years ago that the odds of two people sharing a birthday are about 50% for a group of 23, about 95% for a group of 50 and over 99% for a group of 60 persons.

There's tons of related math stuff on the internet, but I could not easily find the odds of three persons sharing the same birthday.

The Dodgers who shared the birthday of Dec. 13 were: George Shuba (1924), Carl Erskine (1926) and Billy Loes (1929).

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