Thursday, April 24, 2014

1956-style Earl Morrall custom

Unlike many of the players that appear on my custom vintage format baseball and football cards, I have no real affinity for Earl Morrall . . . I just wanted to create a 1956 Topps-style San Francisco 49ers card.

I love me some '56 Topps football and the 49ers cards in that set were among my favorites.

I've got nothing against Morrall. He was a good -- but not great -- quarterback over 21 seasons, winning an NFL Championship and three Super Bowls, along with a couple of MVPs.

Morrall made his "real" Topps rookie card debut in the 1957 set, though he was depicted as a 49er. Just prior to the opening of the season he had been traded to the Steelers.

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