Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rehabilitating my Bobby Kennedy custom

The other day (July 4) I mentioned my ongoing process of "rehabilitating" some of my earlier custom card creations to take advantage of a better photo or my progress along the learning curve.

Today I undertook a new version of one of my more popular 1955 All-American-style football cards, Bobby Kennedy.

The Kennedy brothers -- Joe, John, Bobby and Ted -- all played at Harvard and I have created cards for each of them. I was hampered in that process by a dearth of decent photos of the boys in Crimson uniform.

I was spurred to re-do my Bobby Kennedy card while filling an order for a JFK card.

My Bobby Kennedy card was one of a handful of card images that I lost some years ago when a floppy disc (I told you it was some years ago!) failed. I've made do since then with an image created by scanning one of the actual cards. That's not a great solution.

Too, I never felt that the picture of RFK on my card was up to par. It almost doesn't look like the Kennedy scion who was so familiar to us in the 1960s. I spent some time scouring the internet for a replacement and found a photo that is a considerable improvement, though not ideal. Maybe someday the perfect photo will come my way and I'll revisit the project once again.

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