Tuesday, August 19, 2014

1969-style Parilli custom gives him a Jets card

Back on Aug. 11, I presented my 1955 Topps-style All-American college football card of Kentucly Wildcats legend Vito "Babe" Parilli.

At that time I discussed his career, his football card legacy and why I decided to create a couple of Parilli custom cards. You can scroll down to that blog posting to get the background.

That really doesn't leave me with much that needs to be said about my 1969 Topps-style Parilli custom, so I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

You can purchase this card. You can obtain a copy of this custom card for $12.50, postpaid. E-mail me at scbcguy@yahoo.com for ordering details. Illustrated lists of all available custom baseball and football cards can be found on my blog post of July 17.


  1. Lovely card, Bob from my favorite set! However, your card #265 puts it in the 2nd series (#131-263) - Topps put a nasty white border around the top color portion of the 2nd series cards in 1969. Yours looks better without it, but technically, #265 would have the border. A minor point . . .

  2. I considered the white border when I began my "Third Series" of '69s with a #264 Johnny Sample. I decided to revert to the First Series format since Topps may have done so if they'd done a Third Series in 1969.


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