Monday, March 23, 2015

Newest custom card creations: 1940 Play Ball-style Reese, Rizzuto

My most recent custom baseball card creations are from my "alternate reality" collection.

In 1939-41 Gum Inc. did not include minor league player cards in their baseball issues. Beginning with a 1940-style Lou Novikoff L.A. Angels card (featured on this blog on June 10, 2014), I broke that convention.

Now I've added two more minor league cards in that 1940 format: Pee Wee Reese with the Louisville Colonels and Phil Rizzuto with the Kansas City Blues.

I did so because . . . well, because I found a couple of great photos of those Hall of Fame shortstops in their minor league days. And sometimes a great photo is reason enough to create a custom card, even if it requires stepping away from what was/is baseball card reality.

Since there's little I could tell you about Reese and Rizzuto, I'll just present my new cards for your enjoyment.

And tease by telling you to watch this space tomorrow for a 1941-style Phil Rizzuto Play Ball custom.

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