Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A new look at a 1963 Pete Rose rookie

Back on April 18 in this blog, I presented my first-ever custom card in the 1963 Topps format, a Maury Wills piece. I said then that there would likely be more '63-style presentations forthcoming. Here is the first of them.

For 50+ years, card collectors have lamented that Pete Rose's rookie card was one of those multi-player "floating head" Rookie Stars cards in 1963 Topps.

It was natural, therefore, that with a 1963 Topps template in my repertoire, I should take a stab at what Topps might have come up with if they'd been able to look decades down the road.

To be sure, this is not the first time a custom card creator has put together a 1963 Topps-style Rose single-player card, but mine is the only one I know of that includes a card back.

Heck, creating card fronts is easy; I can knock one out in half an hour if I already have a template. It's the back that is the hard part. Reaching and writing the bio and stats and doing the graphic work to replicate  the original style is time consuming. But to me, that's part of the fun of making custom cards.

There's nothing much else to say about my new-fangled Rose rookie card.

Keep watching the blog . . . I've got at least one other 1963 custom coming along in the near future.

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  1. Fantastic! That's a great pair of images for the front.


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