Friday, July 3, 2015

1963 Jell-O Mantle remake . . . and a Pete Rose

Yesterday I presented the first of a new genre for me . . . custom re-creations of 1963 Jell-O baseball card boxes.

Today I'm sharing the other two that I've done.

The first is a revision to the original Jell-O Mickey Mantle card.

The format and graphics are the same as an original (and as my reprint), but the card photo has been changed. I've dropped in the Mick's image from the in-store display materials used back in 1963. The unmistakable Yankee Stadium upper-deck facade and the brighter pose seem like an upgrade from the original Jell-O version.

Just for variety, I also changed the "flavor" of my Mantle 2.0 box from strawberry to black raspberry.

My third custom 1963 Jell-O baseball card box adds a player to the original line-up . . . a rookie Pete Rose. Just for the heck of it.

I'm not currently planning any more 1963 Jell-O box cards, but may reconsider if a high-res scan of the large "2c OFF" marked box or a 3-oz. box becomes available to me.

and non-sports cards can be found on my blog posts of June 14, 2015.

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