Monday, August 3, 2015

Winchester, Va., recognized in Civil War News custom card

On July 11, I presented my Civil War News custom card (see that post for background). At the time I undertook the project, I intended that it would be my only custom in the format of that 1962 Topps issue.

I enjoyed the process so much, however, that I immediately dove into another. I didn't really know anything about the Battle(s) of Winchester, but while searching for Civil War art, I had found a painting, "Especially for You," by genre master Mort Kunstler that "spoke" to me as a natural for a CWN card.

Once again, let me refer you to someone more qualified to present the history behind the card:

Winchester in the Civil War

As is the case with my University Greys custom card, I'm not offering my Victory Parade custom for sale, but I wanted to share it here.

Given my lifelong interest in the Civil War, and the cornucopia of wonderful Civil War art, I could easily create enough new CWN cards to match the original Topps 88, but at this juncture, I believe I'm going to cease working in that format, with the exception of one more card that will be forthcoming.

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