Saturday, December 10, 2016

Checklist 1960-77 custom football cards

Until now, there has been no place where all of my custom cards could be found in checklist form.  It is my intention to update this posting as new cards are created. Similar checklists for my baseball, non-sports and other football custom cards will also be posted.

Custom card availability. Unless noted, all of my custom cards are available to collectors for $9.95 each, postpaid. To order, email me at for directions on paying via check/money order, or to my PayPal account.

1960 Topps
133 Emlen Tunnell, Packers
134 Fuzzy Thurston, Packers

1961 Fleer
221 Emlen Tunnell, Packers
222 Charley Tolar, Oilers

1962 Topps 
177 John Havlicek, Browns

1962 Fleer
89 Wahoo McDaniel, Broncos

1965 Topps
177 Wahoo McDaniel, Jets

1965 Philadelphia
199 Bucky Pope, Rams

1966 Philadelphia
199 Brian Piccolo, Bears

1967 Philadelphia
200 Jim Taylor, Saints

1968 Topps
220 Brian Piccolo, Bears
221 Jerry Kramer, Packers
222 Emerson Boozer, Jets
223 Tom Brown, Packers
224 Booth Lusteg, Steelers

1969 Topps
264 Johnny Sample, Jets
265 Babe Parilli, Jets
266 Winston Hill, Jets

1970 Topps
264 Mike Holmgren, Cardinals

1971 Topps
264 Carl Weathers, Raiders

1972 Topps
352 Matt Snell, Jets
353 Rich Kotite, Giants

1972 O-Pee-Chee
133 Carl Weathers, Lions

1974 Topps
529 Joe Namath, Jets (proof, profile)
529 Joe Namath, Jets 

1977 Topps
529 Joe Namath, Rams


  1. Bob, need info on ordering by pay pal

    1. E-mail me at, noting the cards you want to order.

  2. Aside from Jim Brown, do you have anything from 1964 Browns--Frank Ryan, Gary Collins?


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