Friday, January 14, 2011

College coaches are on my custom card radar . . . just not yet

From time-to-time readers of my blog/column and fans of my 1955 All-American style custom cards suggest that I should include coaches in my "update" set. Bear Bryant is among the most heavily lobbied-for choices.

I've also given that some consideration, and have even put aside some photos for possible use in such a subset. I just haven't made it enough of a priority to actually get started. When I do, you can bet I'll start with Bobby Bowden.

The FSU legend is on a list of "10 Legendary Coaches in College Football History," that is posted on the Best Universities website. I'm not sure that all 10 of the site's choices would make the cut for my checklist, but most are on my radar if that project ever gets underway.

Here's a link to that article: Top 10 College coaches .

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