Monday, December 19, 2011

As long as I was on the subject . . .

I hadn't intended to do a custom card of Don Shula in the 1955 Bowman format, but when yet another good photo of the legendary coach in his playing days turned up, I decided to add a fourth Shula custom to my body of work.

The '55 joins my 1951-style "rookie" card, a 1954 Bowman-style and a 1957 Topps-style Redskins card. I think this will mark the end of my Don Shula custom card binge.
I've always been a big fan of the 1955 Bowman football set, so I really didn't need much of an excuse to add a Don Shula card to my "updating" of that classic issue. My Shula custom joins '55B-style cards of Otto Graham, Raymond Berry, Max McGee and two John Unitas as a Steeler, one in horizontal format, one in vertical.

In coming years I expect I'll add to my '55B-style collection. I'd like to find a picture of Marion Motley as a Steeler at the end of his career for that purpose.

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