Friday, December 23, 2011

My 4th and final Don Shula custom

By now maybe you're sick of seeing what Don Shula player cards might have looked like if Bowman and Topps had included him in their sets of the 1950s.

This represents what I'm quite sure will be my last custom card tribute to Shula, the player.

It is also my first-ever attempt at replicating the 1954 Bowman format, which was one of my favorites as a kid.

If you're not intimately familiar with 1954 Bowman cards, you might not have caught on that virtually all of Baltimore Colts cards in that set appear to have been photographed on the same practice field on the same day, with lots of blue sky and some green trees in the background.

Like Bowman, I had to colorize my team publicity action pose of Shula to make my card. For the background, I used the original '54B of Fred Enke.

I'm currently planning to introduce another new format to my body of custom card work with my next cards -- 1958 Topps. I've got at the top of my to-do list a Green Bay Packer or two that didn't make the cut in 1958, along with some rookie cards of players that were overlooked.

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