Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Johnny Manziel's first football card

I don't believe I've ever done one of my custom cards for a college football player before he was drafted.

I've made an exception for Johnny Manziel, creating this card in the style of 1952 Bowman.

While I didn't want to wait two or three years until Manziel comes out in the NFL draft, the principal reason for making a card now is that I had such a clear vision.

There was only one Texas A & M player card in 1952 Bowman (none in 1955 Topps All-American), Yale Lary. Since childhood, I have always liked the "drill sergeant" cartoon logo that Bowman placed on that card. I'm glad I got a chance to use it on one of my customs.

Manziel brought a lot of excitement to college ball this season, and livened up the SEC in the school's first year in the conference. And anybody that knocks 'Bama off the unbeaten list is OK in my book.

We won't know for some time what Manziel's legacy will be in the college or the professional game, but I felt that his exceptional season was worth commemorating now.

You'll notice on this beta version of my card back I've already credited A & M with defeating their former Big 12 rivals Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl. I'll have to wait for the game to be played before I print my Manziel cards . . . here's hoping I don't have to change the copy.

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