Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mean Joe Greene added to my '55 customs set

I don't know how he came to be called Joe, since his birth name was Charles Edward, but while researching my newly created 1955 All-American-style custom card of Joe Greene, I found out that he got the nickname "Mean Joe Greene" because his college football team (North Texas State when he played in the late 1960s; today, University of North Texas) was known as Mean Green.

Most people today know Greene more for his iconic Coca-Cola commercial during the 1979 Super Bowl, but he was a fearsome competitor during the Pittsburgh Steelers' dynasty years.

Quality photos of Greene during his college days are not plentiful, but since I'm now spending half the NFL  football season in the heart of Steelers' country, I jumped my Joe Greene card to the head of the list last Sunday while waiting for the games to start.

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