Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rethinking my '69 Joe DiMaggio custom card

Last time (July 23) I presented my 1969 Topps-style Joe DiMaggio custom card creation.

I mentioned that having to reuse the photo that I had used for my 1968-style card was less than ideal and that I'd be looking to upgrade if a new photo came along.

That new photo was quick in coming. A regular reader directed me to a photo on the internet that appears to be a larger version of the portrait photo 35mm slide I had been unable to use earlier because of its horizontal orientation. This new picture is vertical in nature, picturing the A's coach in a pose from cap to upper chest.
Its format lends itself well to a 1969-style baseball card.

I'm definitely satisfied with the front of my newest custom card, but I'm still up in the air about the back.
As I said on the 23rd, I was unable to convert the portrait photo to a close approximation of what Topps had done.

I made another attempt at the back with a more stylized/posterized image. I'll look at both for a while before I decide which version will be printed.

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