Friday, May 16, 2014

Another '52 Topps-style Braves custom: Conley

I'll admit that Topps really had no reason to produce a 1952 baseball card of Gene Conley. Although he was one of the hottest prospects in baseball, he had not yet thrown an inning in the major leagues.

By the time the semi-high numbers came out, Conley had pitched in a handful of early season games and been sent down to AAA Milwaukee.

Still, I don't need much of a reason to expand my folio of 1952 Topps-style custom cards of Boston Braves, especially when the players were future Milwaukee Braves.

When I was a kid, Conley's smiling face was always a welcome find in Topps wax packs (he never appeared on a Bowman card) . . . at least until 1959 when he'd been traded to the Phillies. 

My '52T Conley custom is a card I wouldn't have minded having in my childhood collection.

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