Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rudy York is my first '59 custom

Back on April 2-3 I showed you my custom Rudy York card creations in the style of 1940 and 1941 Play Ball. I explained why I was doing Rudy York cards and offered some career information.

Today I'm presenting my third, and likely final, York custom, in the style of 1959 Topps. The image at top is my "final" version. I had earlier worked up a different front, but was not real happy with the picture I had to use. 

It's a nice pose, but the image is not really sharply focused. In sharing my first version of a '59 Rudy York coach's card with a veteran collector, he offered the use of the portrait photo that was used for the final version.
Beta version

This is the first 1959 Topps-style custom card I have undertaken. Because 1959 was right in the middle of my card collecting days as a youth, this won't be my last. Now that I have templates for the front and back in my tool box, future faux '59s will be easier. 

This is also the latest in my series of coaches cards. I have on my to-do list a fair number of custom cards of familiar faces from our 1950s and 1960s baseball cards in later formats representing their coaching days. Usually these coaches cards will show the former players in uniforms other than those in which they played.

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