Friday, March 11, 2016

'55 Topps expands George Crowe custom lineup

Regular readers of my blog know that growing up as a fan of the Milwaukee Braves in the mid-1950s, backup first baseman and pinch-hitter extraordinaire George Crowe was my favorite ballplayer.

What you may not know is that I often create my custom baseball, football and non-sports cards on the basis of an image that pops into my head and refuses to go away until I've put all other card creations on the back burner and brought that image to life.

That's how it was with my latest custom, a George Crowe card in the style of 1955 Topps.

This is my third Crowe custom, and it likely won't be my last. In years past I've created Crowe cards in the format of 1955 Bowman and 1954 Topps, filling some gaps in Crowe's "real" baseball card legacy. Crowe never appeared on a Bowman card in the 1950s. In the Topps lineup he was included in the 1952 and 1953 sets, then absent until 1956 when he had his last Topps card as a Braves. In the 1957-58 sets he's pictured with the Reds and in 1959-61, with the Cardinals. Big George is also found among many of the regional and team-issue card sets of the 1950s.  

I set aside nice pictures of Crowe when I find them, waiting for the day the inspiration strikes to create yet another George Crowe "card that never was."

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