Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Collector scored Anson auto ball in 1953

My perusal of the entire run of The Sporting News from 1953 turned up surprisingly little in the way of sports memorabilia hobby items.

One exception was in the Nov. 11 issue, when a short article appeared under the headline, "ADDS RARE BALL TO COLLECTION".

In its entirely, the article read, "(Name redacted to discourage harassment of his heirs) of South River, N.J., whose hobby is the collection of autographed balls, has added the signature of Cap Anson, who played for and managed the Chicago White Stockings before the turn of the century.

"He was given a ball -- signed by Anson -- by Mrs. C.C. Cherry of Chicago, a daughter of the diamond immortal.

"The addition of Anson's name makes (him) the possessor of one of only three baseball said to have been autographed by Cap. "Mrs. Cherry has one, the other is unaccounted for.

"(The collector), who makes annual trips in the spring to Florida, to collect autographed balls, has some 3,000 of various vintages."

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