Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bowmans also had only one capless player

In our last posting, we passed along a reader's observation that from 1951-1958 there was only one Topps baseball card that pictured a player not wearing a cap.

It turns out that based on the research of a fellow denizen of the vintage card and memorabilia forum, the same situation holds true for the entire run of Bowman's baseball cards, 1948-1955.

The only player who appears without a cap in Bowman is Milwaukee Braves catcher Ebba St. Claire, #34 in the 1953 black-and-white series.

As in the case with the league presidents in 1956-58 Topps, there is a non-player among the Bowmans who appears without a cap: American League supervisor of umpires Cal Hubbard.

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