Monday, February 3, 2014

My 1936 Diamond Stars Satchel Paige custom takes a few liberties

Followers of my custom card creations will realize that my latest project represents my fourth Satchel Paige card. Previously I've created 1951 and 1952 Bowman formatted cards and a 1952 Topps-style.

The current card is my take on a 1936 Diamond Stars card picturing Paige as a member of the Pittsburgh Crawfords of the Negro National League.

Several years ago I found the photo that is the basis for this card on the internet. It pictures Satch in a nighttime ballpark setting. I thought that photo could be readily converted to the "look" of the 1934-36 Diamond Stars series.

There were no cards of Negro Leagues players in the original Diamond Stars, of course. But in my world of fantasy baseball cards I didn't feel bound by such a constraint.

Another liberty I took with my card is the attribution of Paige's write-up on back to W. Rollo Wilson, who was at the time the baseball writer for the Pittsburgh Courier, the city's leading Negro newspaper. Many of the backs on the original Diamond Stars cards were credited to Austen Lake of the Boston American.

You can be assured that this won't be my last Satchel Paige custom card. I have a well-formed plan for one more and the possibility of another beyond that looms.

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