Thursday, September 1, 2011

New custom card: 1978 Rocky Colavito

For several years I have been squirreling away photos of 1950s-60s (sometimes earlier) players that show them in their post-playing days as major league coaches.

I find these pictures interesting because they show the guys I collected on cards as a kid in a different role. It's like Vincent Vega said about Europe in Pulp Fiction, it's "the same shit, only a little bit different."

My first coach's card was done about two years ago, picturing Bill Mazeroski as a Seattle Mariners coach.

I've just completed by second such card: Rocky Colavito as a Cleveland Indians coach on a 1978 Topps-style card.

I have publicly thank here a fellow custom card maker, Keith Conforti, who when he saw the beta version of my card on forum, suggested I go with the horizontal "As Player/As Manager" format that was used for manager cards that years. That idea had never crossed my mind. I like it so much better than the standard '78 style.


  1. Any of theseColavito custom cards available these days?

  2. The horizontal version was the only one actually printed. You can find current ordering information here:


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