Thursday, January 16, 2014

My take on a 1956 Topps-style Musial

As I mentioned in my entry of Jan. 14, I'm planning to add a few Stan Musial cards to my repertoire.

When FOX sports screwed me out of the Steelers-Browns game on Dec. 29, I decided to begin work on a '56. Here's what I came up with.

If you ever collected 1956 Topps cards, you might recognize the background of my custom as originally appearing on Rip Repulski's card. I decided to flip the image horizontally for a more aesthetically pleasing (at least to me) composition.

The portrait is something I found on the internet and colorized. 

The backs of 1956-style cards are always a challenge. I try to find cartoons on original '56s that match the career highlights I've chosen. The cartoons I used on my Musial are from the cards of Wilmer Mizell (center), Glen Gorbous (right) and Don Blasingame (left).

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