Thursday, January 30, 2014

-New customs: 1954-55 Topps Bobby Thomson

Some time ago I found on the internet a great portrait photo of Bobby Thomson as a Milwaukee Brave. It may be the work of renowned Sport magazine photographer Ozzie Sweet.

The picture reminded me so strongly on the 1954 Topps Andy Pafko card, that I knew a similar effort, right down to the pale blue background color, would be my next custom card project.

Assembling the other card-front elements was not too daunting, and the card came together nicely. The black-and-white action photo you may recall having seen on Thomson 1957 Topps card. The autograph was found on one of the Spic-and-Span Braves picture issues of the mid-1950s.

As is usually the case with my 1954 Topps customs, I re-purposed the cartoons from other players' original cards.

With the 1954-style card in hand, I decided to recycle the elements and make a 1955-style as well, because you can never have enough 1954 and 1955 "Topps" cards, especially of Milwaukee Braves.

While researching Thomson for my cards, I realized for the first time that "The Flying Scot" did not have a Topps or Bowman card in 1953.

Thomson had appeared in Bowman's inaugural baseball card set in 1948, and was in each succeeding year's set -- except 1953 -- through the last Bowman issue in 1955.
It's easy to see where I got the
inspiration for my 1954-style custom.

After appearing in the 1952 Topps high-number series, Thomson was not seen on a Topps card until 1956, then continued with them through his last year in the major leagues, 1960.

Topps belatedly issued a 1953-style card of Thomson as part of the 1991 Topps Archives issue.

Thomson did appear in one national card set in 1953, the Red Man tobacco card issue; he was also in the 1952 set.

I can't speculate why both Topps and Bowman omitted Thomson in 1953. He had played the full season in 1952 and 1953 with the Giants before being traded to the Braves in 1954.

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