Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Third '55AA multi-player custom card honors Texas trio

Collectors of vintage football cards know that among the original 100 cards in Topps 1955 All-American college football set there was one multi-player card, the short-printed Four Horsemen of Notre Dame, which is the most expensive card in the set.

I've recently completed the third multi-player card in my on-going "updating" of the Topps classic. (My first two were "The Three Stooges" and "Mr. Outside and Mr. Inside," which featured Army's 1940s "touchdown twins" Felix Blanchard and Glenn Davis. 

It's called "Texas QB Trio" and features the three Longhorn quarterbacks of 1947, Hall of Famers Bobby Layne and Paul Campbell.

Layne and Landry, of course, had lengthy pro football careers. While Campbell was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1948, he never played professionally.

Actually, I'm at a loss to tell you what Paul Campbell did post-UT. His name is so common that even combining it with such keywords as "Texas" and "quarterback," I was unsuccessful in googling up anything about him. How the starting QB of the 7-3-1 1947 Longhorns and 41-28 winner of the Orange Bowl versus Georgia can remain so obscure is a mystery to me.   

When I found the black-and-white photo of the Texas tossers I originally intended to only use the Tom Landry portion for a single-player AA card. However, since Landry was principally a fullback, defensive back and punter at Texas, making a card of him as a quarterback didn't seem quite right. That's when the idea was formed to make a card with all three players.

The day will probably come when I do make a solo Landry card, and of course I made a Bobby Layne card a number of years ago. But I like the concept and finished product of my "Texas QB Trio" card.

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