Friday, October 16, 2009

Standard Catalog Update #26B : Checklist Complete!

Thanks to a tip from Larry Serota, we now have a complete checklist for the 1955 Wilson Meats baseball tips booklets. The subject was first raised on this blog on Sept. 18, if you want to read more in-depth on the issue.

Larry clued us in that Booklet #2, "Batting and Fielding Secrets by Ted Williams" was being offered in the current (closing Nov. 3) auction by Andy Madec Sportscards, where it carries a minimum bid of $200.

With T.W. revealed as the "author" of Booklet #2, the checklist stands complete: #1 Bob Feller, #2 Ted Williams, #3 Harvey Kueen, #4 Sammy White.

It will be interesting to watch the bidding on the Williams booklet, as it is a caree-contemporary piece of memorabilia that is associated with the issuer one of his scarcest and most popular baseball cards and is, in itself, extremely rare.

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