Thursday, October 27, 2011

Finishing Snider's Bowman run

I've completed my trilogy of Duke Snider custom cards with a creation in the style of 1955 Bowman.

Since his baseball card debut in the 1949 Bowman high-numbers, Snider appeared in every Bowman set through 1954, but he was absent from the final Bowman baseball set, the 1955 "Color TV" issue.

I think my version of a '55B Duke Snider card belatedly fills that void.

As of this posting, I have not yet printed the cards. I'm still dithering about which front to use. The smaller projection uses the background from the 1955 Bowman Frank Sullivan card. The larger projection repurposes the background of Brooks Lawrence's '55B. They are the same backgrounds I used in the two versions of my 1955 Bowman-style Sandy Koufax rookie customs.

The image of Snider swinging was lifted from an Upper Deck tribute card.

As football season is well under way, I really should be shifting my card-making efforts to some additions to my 1955 All-American updates and perhaps some other styles.

Keep watching this space for the results.

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