Friday, October 7, 2011

Standard Catalog Update: 1910 W-UNC Strip Cards

1911 W-UNC Strip Cards

Based on the selection of confirmed subjects, 1911 seems to be the best approximation for the issue date of this black-and-white, blank-backed strip card set. Similar in format and even typography to the set identified as 1915 W-UNC Strip Cards, the cards in this set were probably issued in a nominal 1-5/8” x 2” size, although significant differences in size are seen on the few known examples, possibly due to the manner in which they were cut. Fronts of the individual player cards have posed action photos with a black frame and bordered in white. Player identification is at bottom. The checklist here is certainly incomplete.

Catcher Irwin (Emil Erwin)     1,600.
Hans Lobert                            1,600.
Christy Mathewson                 4,500.
Philadelphia A’s composite  2,250.

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