Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Standard Catalog Update: 1888-1889 Giants Cabinets

1888-1889 Joseph Hall N.Y. Giants Cabinets
Among the several baseball related photographic cards produced by the Brooklyn studio of Joseph Hall was this series of individual player cabinets of the 1888-1889 N.Y. Giants. Approximately 4” x 6-1/4”, these cards were likely produced for sale to the public, though virtually every example known in the hobby today is unique. The card fronts have oval portraits of the players, with their name penned in below. In most cases the portraits are the same as those used on the S.F. Hess tobacco card set of 1889. The black-and-white backs of the cabinets have an engraving of Windsor Castle at top, with advertising for the studio below, all in an ornate border. This checklist is known to be incomplete.

Roger Connor     4,500.
Tim Keefe            4,500.
Jim O’Rourke      4,500.
Mickey Welch      4,500.

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