Sunday, October 23, 2011

Standard Catalog Update: 1963-64 Pirates picture pack

This is a listing that was prepared after thedeadline for the 2012 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards. It was intended for a future edition, in the Vintage Major League section of the book.

1963-64 Pittsburgh Pirates Picture Pack

This set of 5” x 7” black-and-white blank-back player pictures was created for sale at stadium concession stands and other souvenir outlets. The players are pictured in portraits or posed action photos, bordered in white. In the wide bottom border, the player’s name is printed in all capital letters, with the team nickname in upper- and lower-case letters. The set was sold in a white picture envelope. Because of the player selection, a specific year of issue cannot be pinpointed.

Common players in the set would have a retail value of about $4-5 in Near Mint. Mazeroski would be a $12-15 item, with Clemente at $40 or so.

Complete Set (12):
(1) Bob Bailey
(2) Smoky Burgess
(3) Roberto Clemente
(4) Roy Face
(5) Bob Friend
(6) Joe Gibbon
(7) Jerry Lynch
(8) Bill Mazeroski
(9) Danny Murtaugh
(10) Jim Pagliaroni
(11) Dick Schofield
(12) Bill Virdon

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