Saturday, June 19, 2010

'55 Topps Koufax reprint errors

In the course of doing my research for a custom card project (coming soon to this blog!) I had occasion to reference the back of the 1955 Sandy Koufax reprint that Topps made for its 1995 Brooklyn Dodgers Archives issue.

I had never noticed it before, but the reprint displays several errors in the biographical data section at left on back.

Most prominently, the reprint misspells Koufax's first name, adding a "D" to make "SANDFORD".
The reprint also flip-flopped Koufax's throwing and batting orientations, presenting them as "Bats: Left" and "Throws: Right". In actuality, as printed on the back of the original card, Koufax was a southpaw who batted righty.
Finally, the reprint subtracted 60 years from Koufax's age, giving his birthdate as 1995, instead of the correct 1935.
I don't know whether Topps made similar mistakes on other cards in the Dodgers Archives set. I don't believe they corrected the errors on the Koufax rookie reprint, or we'd have heard about it by now.

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