Friday, February 25, 2011

E91 Tinker correction sought

Past Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards contributor Ellis Anmuth has inquired about the existence of a corrected version of an error on the 1908-1909 American Caramel Co. (E91) cards of Joe Tinker.

Tinker appear in two (Sets A, B) of the three subsets of this early candy issue, differentiated by the content or arrangement of the team checklists presented on the backs. 

Anmuth's card, a Set B example, and all of the available images of Tinker's Set A cards, have no closing parentheses after the N.L. league designation in the caption.

Given that the E91 set is among the least popular of the caramel card genre, by virtue of the reuse of the player artwork with different names on many of the cards, it is possible that if the missing close-paren was eventually added, it may have escaped the notice of hobbyists . . . even a century after the fact.

If you can confirm the existence of an E91 Tinker with a closing parentheses, please send a scan to me at

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