Sunday, February 27, 2011

Faces from your '52s

Uncommon commons. Contemporary accounts of tidbits that as a collector of baseball and football cards I found interesting because they helped bring to life the faces on the cards I collected. I figure that if I found these items of interest, so would other vintage card collectors.

Decades before Bowie Kuhn banned Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays from participating in Organized Baseball activities because they had taken jobs glad-handing whales at Atlantic City casinos, a pair of Brooklyn Dodgers worked in a gambling establishment, apparently without a peep from Commissioner Ford Frick.

In the off-season of 1952-53, Dodgers Ben Wade and Dick Williams worked the parimutuel windows at Santa Anita racetrack in California.

Milt Stock was Eddie Stanky's father-in-law.

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