Thursday, March 24, 2011

Checklist grows for Kiwanis Orioles set

Since catalog contributor Al Moore, who has been sharing his "stuff" with us this month, is located in Maryland, it is not surprising that he has among his heretofore uncataloged cards some nice Orioles issues.

One of those he reported in his latest data consignment was an addition to the set we have checklisted in the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards as 1957-1959 Kiwanis Orioles Clinic.

We had the issue listed as a one-card "set," (Bob Nieman) but with Al's report, we were able not only to add another card, but also pin down the date of issue. The card that Al reports is Ernie Johnson, who pitched for the Orioles only in his last pro season, 1959.

Coincidentally, the Huggins and Scott auction that is currently running has six cards from this set offered.

The Kiwanis Clinic cards are black-and-white, about 2-7/8" x 3-1/4". They were probably handed out in conjunction with player appearances at a youth baseball clinic in Baltimore in 1959.

The checklist currently stands as:

1.   Chico Carrasquel
2.   Ernie Johnson
3.   Billy Klaus
4.   Bob Nieman
5.   Billy O'Dell
6.   Willie Tasby
7.   Jerry Walker

Future additions to the checklist would not be surprising. The "big book" has carried the value of for these cards at $40 in NM for several editions. The sale of the six examples in the H&S auction will allow us to update the book value appropriately. We'll add that information to this posting when the auction ends.  

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