Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shameless plug: Selling some photos

Beginning next Monday, Aug. 15, I'm going to be selling on eBay several dozen vintage baseball photos, most of them authentically autographed, including a lot of signatures of cup-of-coffee major leaguers -- some with as few as one game played in the big leagues -- that might be of interest to team specialists among vintage baseball memorabilia collectors.

Most of this group of photos came from a large lot purchased, if I recall correctly, from a Leland's auction 15-20 years ago.

Most of the photos are the work of a single amateur photographer, probably from Texas. His first name was Ambrose and his last name started with an "E," but that's all the identification I have.

Empirical evidence indicates that Ambrose attended minor league and spring training exhibition games from the very late 1940s through the very early 1950s. It looks like he snapped his photos pre-game from the first row of seats. After developing and printing the photos, he had them signed by the players, often in varied colors of what I believe is fountain pen ink.

All of the photos are in 5" x 7" format, printed on finely pebbled matte paper. The lighting and focus of his photos wasn't always the best, but these are unique poses. Some of the photos are of players on teams other than as we remember them from their baseball cards of the 1950s.

Selling these photos is part of some file downsizing I'm undertaking.

All of these photos will be sold on eBay on Aug. 15-16 and Aug. 18-20. You can find them by searching for me under the seller name goldflamedpt.

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