Monday, January 25, 2010

Finished my T202 Red Sox Triplefolder

As I promised last week, here are the images of my completed homage to the 1912 Hassan Triplefolders. My custom card features what would come to be known as the Million Dollar Outfield. I would have liked to give my card that title, but I wanted to make it appear "period," and that nickname had not yet been applied to the Red Sox trio when the real T202s were current.

In doing my research for the write-ups on the back, I found out something I didn't know about Harry Hooper. I knew that he was a Hall of Famer, having been selected by the Veterans Committee in 1971, three years before he died. What I was unaware of, is how little support Hooper had received from the baseball writers in his years of eligibility. In his first year on the ballot he received only 3% of the voters' support. In subsequent years he never got as many as 2% of the votes. This must have been one of those cases that are rumored to have been the result of Ted Williams' twisting of Veterans Committeemen's arms to get former Red Sox into the Hall.
I'm glad Hooper received the honor while he was alive, but a quick look at his stats indicate he was probably not among the elite players of his era.
This card will probably be the last of my custom T202s; I'm going to shift gears to work on some other card projects for a while.

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